Our Services

-Panelbeating & Chassis Straightening


-Paintless Dent Removal

-Value Added Services

Panel Beating

Our highly skilled panel beating staff are kept up to speed on new vehicle developments and go for regualr training in this regard.

We have 8 panel beaters on call each with their own chassis straightening equipment and are qualified to tackle any size repair.

Spray Painting

Our paintshop staff also go on regular training on various techniques and we ensure we are up to date with any product developments available to speed up the process and ensure the highest quality.

Our spraybooths are manned by two qualified spraypainters.With the envirmoent on everbody's lips we would like to play our part and so have implemented the use of Water Bourne paint products which not only carry a lifetime warranty but are also water soluble and so are harmless to the enviroment.

Paintless Dent Removal

The modern economic climate insists of efficiency and with our Paintless Dent Removal techniques, we are not only able to save time, but also money which could be helpful to Insurance Company bottom lines.

Value Added Services

We would like to appeal to the 1-stop shop market and so while your car is already of the road, we can take care of windscreen replacements, aircon repairs, tire fitment, wheel alignment, mag wheel repairs or even just have light scratches polished out and touched up.

We also offer a shuttle service, a vehicle collection and delivery service.

24 hour towing service

TEL: (083) 266 6677